Sodding or Seeding – the top 5 reasons to sod

When you want your garden to have a new lawn, a common question that we all face is, should I adopt the process of seeding or sodding. These are the question that depends on two factors, first is the area that needs to be covered by lawn and the second question is how much time and money you want to invest. Let’s try to understand the process first.


It’s simply growing grass from seed. If the question is seeding or sodding, you should be clear that seeding involves planting and sprouting your grass. You can also do it yourself or you can hire someone to do it for you. But certainly, it takes time to cover the whole lawn and also your lawn will take longer to get greener. But one thing best about seeding is that it takes less money.


It is the processes were the mature turf that has been taken care of by professionals is transplanted in your lawn area. It is just easy like rolling a rug. But you need a trained person to install it, especially if the lawn is bigger. Big sod farms take the utmost care to produce sod sheets that are now only strong but weed-free. In this process, sod is taken along with the soil about an inch below the ground level to retail moist soil and strong root.

Top 5 reasons that you will prefer sodding
  • Sod install at any season
  • Depending on the grass type, sod can be installed in any season of the year as per the requirement, even if there is not much sunshine it grows. The seed must be planted at the right temperature by a professional to complete the job.

  • Immediate result
  • The sodding process gives the finished landscape immediately. The process makes the grass establish itself as a strong carpet in just a couple of weeks. The process is faster and within a short period, a bare patch can be converted into a beautiful lawn.

  • Weed-free lawn
  • It gives the best chance to grass to thrive without having stray weed seeds. Weeds are typical they tend to win soil nutrition and water and hinders the actual grass to grow. But when you choose between seeding or sodding, sodding grass gets complete win over the weeds and establishes itself with roots which are already present.

  • Nurturing
  • The sodding process does not require nurturing as it is grown by an expert using high-quality seed and certified hybrid twiglets. So all that is required is watering the lawn and mow it whenever necessary.

  • Meticulous watering
  • Sodding requires less meticulously watering over the entire area where the lawn is laid. But seeding requires much more amount of water to ensure proper germination and growth.

  • Patches appear
  • In the case of seeding or sodding process, in later each sheet is laid perfectly beside the next sheet so no patches appear. You can put the sheets producing checkers of strips, depending on preference. But with seeding, the seed can blow away by wind or eaten by birds. You do not know what you are going to get until the season begins.