Front Yard Landscape Design - How to Create Lasting Curb Appeal

Front yard landscape design is one of the crucial parts of creating an overall outdoor plan that showcases the elegance of your entire home. The selection of plants, hardscape elements, and other design accessories incorporated in your front yard makes the property not only appealing but also increases its value.

Your landscape design begins with the road connected to your driveway and continues throughout your outer space. An attractive layout of the front yard will guide your guest from the road directly to the front door which has an attractive landscape designed by you. Also, the landscape will set a tone for the rest of your outdoor design.

The front yard is actually not the area for relaxing or entertaining but it’s a good idea to add value to your home. The front yard landscape is like a testament of your personality and taste to the world outside. It’s a sense of invitation to the people who step in front of the yard. If you have something in your mind of sprucing up your yard, following are some tips that may help:

Available space: The topmost consideration for your Front yard landscape design is the area available to you to transform your dream landscape. Normally your yard will also have the driveway which has most traffic to your home, so you should have additional space to set aside for essentials you need to define your landscape.

Topography: Whether your front yard is flat or is it sloped? Topography needs to be considered while decorating your front yard. If the land is flat you need to include a design that will allow the rainwater or your carwash water to flow through, as the drain may take away the aesthetic taste. On the other hand, if your yard is sloped you need anti-skid flooring to your driveway. Or can provide steps.

Exposed to sun: What is the exposure in your front yard will decide what type of plants you can have there? The sunlight is strong then plants a tree that cast a large shadow over the lawn area. Or you can have a pergola to provide needed shade in Front yard landscape design. But you must see that the focal point should be your house.

Selection of plant, tree or shrubs: What type of plant, shrubs, and tree you select for your yard is very crucial. The tree can either frame the view of your house and it can also dominate the look. So select the plants or tree that matches the design or compliments the design of your house.

Lightning: Outdoor lighting is a must. Not only does it enhance the beauty of the yard during night time but also well for the safety of the visitors and family members. Keep the lightings focused on focal points and safety hazards and do not forget to maintain these fixtures away from walking paths. Not only choose safe spots in your yard but also ensure that it interferes with your plants.

Some trends for landscape
  • Creating a staycation spot for enhancing front yard landscape design making focal points using lights and pergola
  • Including private secluded places
  • Making a notable first impression